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On our first day we drove from home to Oroville CA. to have breakfast with our daughter and her husband (Charissa and Roberto), sorry I forgot to take pictures of them.
After breakfast we drove on north to Fort Jones, CA. for a short visit and homemade chile and corn bread with our good friends Karen and Bud on there little farm.
That first night we ended up camping on a logging road off of Oregon State highway 66, between I-5 and Klamath Falls.
The second day we have reservations to eat dinner at the "Cowboy Dinner Tree", a steakhouse I heard about on Sportsmobileforum.com. I took a county road from Lakeview OR. to the steakhouse. When we traveled about three quarters of the way down the county road I realized the road had not been opened up after the winter. We reached the summit and there was about a quarter mile of wet, slushy snow about a foot deep. Locked the SMB into four wheel drive and went for it. I am really happy it is a heavy vehicle. We also had to move a small tree that went across the road.
We made it to the restaurant and it was well worth going 300 miles out of our way. The food and the service was great.
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