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Looking across the Strait of Juan de Fuca from Clallam Bay, WA. at Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada.
Tocoma Narrows bridges.
The Olympic Peninsula from Seattle, WA.
Seattle's Space Needle
We took a ferry ride to Bremerton, WA. to see if I could spot the U.S.S. Ranger CVA-61. The squadron I was in was aboard the Ranger for the WestPac cruise to Viet Nam, 1964-1965.
There were several other carriers there.
This is Fred.
We walked into a pub in Seattle for dinner when Fred walked up to us and asked if he could buy us our dinner (anything we wanted). I asked the server if he was for real, she said yes. Fred comes from across the street about once a month, where he works in the financial market, and buys several people there dinners or what ever they want on the menu.
Thanks Fred
Very good food.
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