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Cheryl and I headed out to Death Valley N.P. at 6:00 A.M. on the 7th of March for a quick 4 days, three night, four wheeling maiden voyage in the Sportsmobile. We went over the Sierras via highway 50 and South Lake Tahoe to highway 395. We ran into a lot of snow but no ice on the roads. Fueled up at Big Pine CA and then headed out Death Valley Road on our way to Eureka Dunes and Steel Pass

On Death Valley Road looking back toward Big Pine
We stopped at the entrance to Saline Valley Road (north pass) and it was closed due to heavy snow. So we will have to go out the South Pass if we make it through Steel Pass and Dedeckera Canyon into Saline Valley
Nice contrast
Eureka Dunes are huge and the mountains around them are just beautiful
We spent the night on the back side of the dunes a short distance from Steel Pass
We headed toward Steel Pass about 8:00 the next morning
When we got there it is a beautiful view looking back at Eureka Dunes
We parked at the entrance to Steel Pass. I told Cheryl when we check it out I will not try it unless I know we can make it through, not, I think we can do it
We took about an hour to check it out and take pictures, the pictures really don't show the steepness nor the narrowness of the pass. After walking the pass I knew we could do it
Looking back at Steel Pass
I would drive up to each step, get out and we would make a plan on how to navigate the step
This is the first real four wheeling I have done sense the 1980s when I had my Jeep CJ-5. Wow! what a difference, the Sportsmobile is 24' long and weighs in at a little over 10,000 pounds. It's amazing how it just crawled over everything it came to without any spin of the tires
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