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The third of the 4 steps was the biggest challenge. It is narrow at the bottom and widens at the top. I measured our wheel base at 81 inches. The bottom of the step is much narrower than our wheel base, so I knew I would have to drive up on the rock wall and do a heavy rub on the sidewalls of the tires
Cheryl did a great job spotting for me and trying to take pictures at the same time
I would not want to go the other way with our Extended Body Sportsmobile, I believe there would be a lot of scrapping in the back bottom
Very minor damage
Moving on
A nice view looking back at Steel Pass and Eureka Dunes
Dedeckera Canyon was also quite interesting, some real tight spots where we rubbed the side walls on both sides. The 26 miles from Steel Pass and through Dedeckera Canyon is a beautiful drive, we took our time, 6 hours to get to the lower springs in Saline Valley where we spent the second night
Saline Valley and the Inyo Mountains way off in the distance
Lower Springs and Palm Springs and the Salt Lake at the base of the Inyo Mountains
About 8:00 the next morning we headed out to check out some things in Saline Valley. We drove north on Saline Valley Road about 10 miles and four wheeled up to Crystal Ridge to check out what crystals may be found. Lots of crystals but it would take hard rock mining tools to get to them
I did find a Scorpion while I was digging around looking for crystals
Just below Crystal Ridge is the Waucoba Tungsten Mine. They mined copper in the late 1880's and also mined tungsten during World War II
Old oil can
We then headed back south on Saline Valley Road and stopped at the turn off to the hot springs. Somebody did some art work on the rocks to identify the turn off to the springs
We moved on south about another 25 miles and found a place to pull over for the night. We had a great view of Saline Valley from the south just before going over the mountains to highway 190. The next morning we stopped at highway 190 and aired up the tires and put the front sway bar disconnects back on.
We fueled up in Lone Pine and had a great hamburger and then headed home. We got back home at 8:30 Wednesday evening the 10th of March
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