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After each day on the salt, late afternoon, Arthur and I would drive the short distance over to Silver Island. ( the montain range to the northwest of of the speedway) We would four wheel into the mountains and have a plesent, quiet evening and night.
"Floating Island"
These are the mountains you see from the starting line at the Speedway.
One evening after dinner, while relaxing, we had a visitor that must have thought the inside of the Sportsmobile was a cave. The bat flew in and latched onto the canves sides of the penthous top. After taking some pictures, I just gave him a little boost and out the door it went.
When driving out to the speedway, the pavement comes to an end. You can see where the pavement ends just right of the center of the picture.
You can see the pit area at the speedway, from the center of the picture to the left side.
Another picture of the pit area from Silver Island.
This is one of my favorite desert critters. "The Horned Lizard". They are also called "Horned Toad".
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