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On the way home from The Bonneville Salt Flats, we turned off the main highway ( I-80 ) at Winnemucca, Nevada. We took Jungo
Road out of Winnemucca to SSR 49.

Below is the view from where we camped one evening.
"Sawtooth Knob"

Next stop "Sulphur". Not sure what went on here but there are piles of dirt and rock with a lot of sulphur in it.
A couple of local critters.
I was suprised to find a "Praying Mantis" in the middle of the desert. A very strange looking one at that.
A boiler, just sitting there, with some large caliber bullet holes in the boiler plate.
"Trego Hot Ditch"
What a great spot to relax and clean up.
The source water.
"Black Rock Desert"
The next twelve pictures is the view we had from where we camped out one night above the construction area of "2010 Burning Man"
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